Shipping costs

The shipping costs will be established during the purchasing process and the confirmation email.
When the destination of a shipment is a country outside the European Union, MUSACURVY won’t assume any cost related to taxes and/or customs duties established by the country.  

12.- Refunds and returns
From the reception of your product, you will have 15 calendar days to return it.
You can cancel your order at any moment and without extra cost. But only if your order is not already in the hands of the courier service for its shipment. In that case, you will have to wait for its reception and exercise your right to return it.  
If you want to exercise your right to return a product, you must notify us about it at: St/ Francisco Silvela, number 35, 4D, 28028 Madrid, Spain. You can also do it through email at:
In any case, we need your express consent to return the product and withdraw from the contract. You will have to return the product with the corresponding delivery note or the bill issued by MUSACURVY.
Although it is not compulsory, you can use the form for returns that we provide.

If you exercise your right to return the product, we will return you all the payments received in no more than 14 calendar days from the date of notification. We will refund the money through the same payment system used by you for the purchase, unless you say otherwise.  

You will be able to return any product bought in MUSACURVY provided that the product keeps the original seal or packaging, as well as the manuals, accessories and any promotional gifts included. In addition, always taking into account the list of exceptions for exercising your right established by applicable law.  

You will only respond by the decrease in value of the product, if it derives from a manipulation of it that is inappropriate to its nature, features or proper functioning.
On the other hand, if by mistake you receive a different product to the one ordered, without extra cost for you, first we will collect the wrong package and then we will send you the correct one.  
Finally, if you receive a broken, damaged or in poor condition product, MUSACURVY will collect it from your home address, replacing it by one in good condition and without extra cost.

For any question or request, you can contact us at:
Address: St/ Francisco Silvela, number 35, 4D, 28028 Madrid, Spain