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100% Polyester

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Recycled polyester – Recycled yarn from waste material that is completely reconverted and transformed into new material
Ultrachorine resistant – Fabric that is considerably resistant to attack of active chlorine
Sun creams and oils resistant – Fabric has a high resistance to sun creams and oils
Shape retention– Garments that mantain their shape even after several uses
Excellent UV protection– Fabric ability to offer high protection from UV rays (UPF 50+)
Excellent Coverage – Fabric provides outstanding coverage without risk of see trhough
Ultra Flat – Very thin fabric (50% thinner tan a classic charmeuse)
Soft – Soft fabric, pleasant to the touch
Two way stretch – Fabric with stretch properties on both directions
Fabrics with Lycra Xtra Life fibers are designed to guarantee a much higher resistance to damaging effects caused by external agents such as heat, chlorine and sunscreens
Fabrics with Lycra Xtra Life fibers enhance the performance of shaping lingerie, matching an extraordinary sculpting effect with extra comfort for a perfect make up for the silhouette